Cardano Gold

Cardano Gold is merging what we believe to be the 2 best crypto use cases: Store of Value and NFTs.

‍Cardano Gold $CARGO is an innovative and unique project on the Cardano blockchain.

$CARGO is a token on the Cardano blockchain with a very low total supply. Only 10,000,000 tokens were minted. We burned the 10%, so the 9,000,000 $CARGO is a finite number of tokens that will ever be in existence.

‍CoinMarketCap - "Cardano's Bitcoin"

Uniqueness and Innovation
‍Cardano Gold is merging what we believe to be the two best crypto use cases: Store of Value and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). 60% of the $CARGO tokens total supply will be distributed during the 9 years through the CardanoGoldMiners Cardano NFTs. Both $CARGO and CardanoGoldMiners Cardano NFTs are strategically designed to reach the point of scarcity.

‍CardanoGoldMiners NFTs ~ $CARGO
‍The bigger the price of $CARGO is, it makes the CardanoGoldMiners NFTs more valuable. Due to the scarcity of both $CARGO and the NFTs, the user’s future price predictions and analysis also come into play. Besides earning the $CARGO for almost a decade, the NFTs are, of course, tradable. We recommend the marketplace. The collection is verified. CardanoGoldMiners NFTs have no rarities, they are the Utility NFTs, and all 5,000 are “equal”.

‍Fair Launch and Decentralization
Cardano Gold $CARGO did not have private sales, pre-sales, ISPOs, IDOs. The tokenomics model makes the decentralization of the Cardano Gold ecosystem fully achievable.

$CARGO will have many use cases using the developing Cardano infrastructure. One of our main goals for $CARGO is to become the valuable, fully decentralized medium of exchange and a global payment method for goods and services in the future.

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