An open-source, non-custodial, intuitive key management network - integrated via @Web3Auth . Follow us there!

An open source, non-custodial key management network

Making Web3 simple, secure, and easy to use

SDK to combine passwordless authentication with private key management.

Blockchain: Avalanche

Our SDK does key splitting and reconstruction for streamlining the onboarding of both mainstream and crypto native users, making it possible for them to sign up in a matter of seconds. They can then go on to take advantage of the personalized experiences designed just for them.

Key management can be done using seed phrases, but the process is too tedious and complicated for many new users. Every time a user forgets or loses their seed phrase, they have to start from scratch on every single app. Key management should be done more efficiently in order to avoid such errors and take advantage of today's advancements in technology.

With Web3Auth, users can access a combination of their login information and multiple elements of their identity to generate private keys. The key is split into parts and sent to different nodes in a system. This ensures that there's no chance that the whole key could be lost (it would take the system being hacked at every node simultaneously).

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